Duke – Father of Surfing 12″x16″ SOLD (Available in print only)

A truly artistic masterpiece must get it’s point across clearly, quickly and memorably. The artistic philosophy should carry the message of the artist.

Using the aforementioned quote as a guide, Michael Cassidy has produced numerous artistic masterpieces. One of the leading talents in South Pacific art, Michael Cassidy is rapidly gaining fame for capturing the essence of life in the tropics.

Currently his art is among the most collectible in the entire genre. The emotional backdrop of surfing, travel, faith and family are deeply ingrained in each stroke.

Mr. Cassidy’s paintings begin in the mind, and are followed by tedious research on his subjects. Next, he’ll spend a week or two in the tropical destination of his choosing–collecting imagery through sketches and photographs.

This culminates with several months in the studio, plying his wet on wet technique until the essence of the land and the people emerge in an unparalleled representation of paradise.

Michael Cassidy in Tahiti

Michael Cassidy in Tahiti

Combining natural talent, seven years in art school, a twenty year career in commercial illustration, and a perfectionist’s work ethic with the finest materials, Michael Cassidy, nonetheless, believes that his paintings are a pale imitation of what the Creator has gifted mankind with.

His prayers, good wishes and Aloha accompany each piece.