Battle Of The Paddle Hawaii

Aloha Everyone, Here’s one my latest projects. This is for a stand up paddle board race at Duke Kahanamoku Beach at Waikiki. It’s the Rainbow Sandals, Gerry Lopez Battle Of The Paddle. Along with my good friend George Kam we did all of the art and most of the marketing for the event. There will be posters, t-shirts and magazine ads. I’m headed over in the morning to Honolulu. The event is June 11-13. Had a lot of fun with George and Gerry working on the concept for the event. The story behind this Duke image starts with a man named John Zabotacky who surfed stand up or “Beachboy” style for 60 years virtually by himself. George Downing went to have a talk with him and when he asked John where the inspiration came from he said he saw Duke doing it  one day… So Duke is not only the father of modern surfing but the father of stand up! So with that back story we thought it appropriate to use this image of Duke to kick off the first annual event. Will have more to post soon as I’ve finally learned how to do it…I’m computer challenged… Stay tuned. Aloha, M.C.

13 thoughts on “Battle Of The Paddle Hawaii

  1. Cosbey Watson says:

    The Battle of the Paddle posters are great, would love to get one if they are available!

  2. Bradley Smith says:

    I had no idea that the Duke was an innovator in this area as well. Down at Cardiff Reef, the paddle people are taking over! I am glad to see you still working with your polynesian themes.

  3. john harrison says:

    once again brilliant and beautiful tribute, to our Father of Modern Surfing.
    You have captured once again for all of us, a reason we love to surf.
    john harrison

  4. Love the Battle of the Paddle poster. Please send me some information on purchasing a print or poster. Thanks, Jeff

  5. Mark Johnson says:

    Like most people who have seen this Battle of the Paddle poster, I would love to purchase one and hope you will release some info.

  6. Keep in mind that the only evidence if Duke stand up paddling are a couple YouTube clips of him standing and surfing on an Australian surf ski using a double bladed paddle, not on a surfboard with a canoe paddle. John Zapatocky (despite saying he say Duke doing it) and/or John “Pops” Ah Choy may be the actual fathers of modern SUP.

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