Gerry Lopez Big Wave Challenge

One more post today for Bend locals.

This Saturday May 12th is the 2nd annual Gerry Lopez Big Wave Challenge at Mt. Bachelor ( Our local mountain ). Gerry is up there as we speak in a snowcat putting in the final touches to the course which resembles a series of waves made from snow.

Snowboarding is a natural extension of surfing for us and the many surfers who live here. It’s all surfing the wave is just frozen…I never lived more than a half a mile from the beach for 50 years and traveled all over the South Pacific, Indonesia and Latin America looking for waves but if I knew then what I know now I would have come here 20 years ago which is just what Gerry did…He’s always ahead of the curve.

The event starts at 11am. Hawaiian music virtuoso Bill Keale will be playing music. You should come just for that alone. It’s Anthony’s birthday as well and we’ll all be up there. At some point we’ll be making some prints of this art as well as some shirts for Gerry’s new line.

If you’re here in Bend come on up!

Aloha, M.C.

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